Monday, August 13, 2007

Files from August 7th public meeting

A public meeting was held at City Hall on August 7th to present the transit center ideas to the public. At the meeting I asked if the visuals presented would be available in electronic format. I was told yes and the next day received an email stating that the files were available, but really big. I requested them on cd and received them that day.

Note: the original files on the cd were so large that they'd be virtually impossible to download from the Internet. Please learn how to use your software folks! I sized them all down from their 16000 wide pixels to a reasonable (though still somewhat large) file size.

Here's the files I received. All except one of them were presented at the August 7th meeting. You can click on any of them to get a larger picture

The above chart is the rating sytem used to pick out the top locations for "further study." Personally I questioned how these criteria were rated, and several people at the meeting also questioned specific criteria.

The Central Business District is identified in the blue lines. The top six sites are in yellow. Note that four of them are directly in our neighborhood.

This is an aerial shot of the sites.

This is what CCTA would like for their transfer station.

The above two pictures are what was presented for DET preliminary plans. The first is a series of pictures aroudn the site and the second is pretty self explanatory. Note that the building identified as "Radio Deli, Leonardo's Pizza, Doughboy's Bakery" is also a multi-unit residential building. I live there. I asked at the public meeting that this be added to the graphic. I hope it is in future iterations.

The above graphic was not presented at the August 7th meeting. I'm not sure why. It was included in the files I received. It appears to be an architectural drawing of the bus station with an office building on top. I count at least six stories, including the bus station and the atrium skylight on top. I'm not sure if it's to scale. I wish there were dimensions on it. The building to the left of this is the Omnium building, which is highly residential and historic.

The two pictures above are for the St. Paul Street location. This location would use the existing street and build a small indoor station on the corner of Cherry and St. Paul. The busses would line the street. St. Paul Street would be closed to all other traffic other than people going in and out of the state parking garage.

There was no architectural drawing of this plan (as there is of the DET plan).

The above is the schedule of events planned to make this happen. Note that this is going to happen fast - as far as developments go. If you live in this neighborhood, now is the time to get involved.

Please note there are meeting notes which have been published of the 8/7 meeting. I am not uploading them here as I was misquoted in them and have requested a correction. You can view them on the city's website if you desire, or email me for a copy and I will gladly send it to you.

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